5 Potentially Cuan Knitting Crafts

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What Is Knitting Craft?

In contrast to weaving which crosses two rows of threads that are perpendicular to each other, knitting only uses one thread. When viewed from today’s developments, knitting is not only used as a method of making clothes. Various kinds of handicrafts such as bags and wallets can be created by knitting.

Knitting is a craft activity by linking yarn (wool) with a special needle (hakpen) which is shaped according to the shape we want. For example, scarves, shoes, bags and so on. In the past, especially women, most of them could knit.

They usually do it to fill their spare time with useful activities. However, in the modern era like today. Who knows? Knitting is now a promising business area. Moreover, coupled with the creativity of the knitters, this can produce a variety of creative shapes and certainly have artistic value.

In addition, knitting is a method of making fabrics, clothes, accessories, or other objects that are useful for everyday activities from knitting yarn. In addition, knitting is a powerful activity to relieve stress which can also generate money. Running a business based on a hobby will certainly make us more comfortable feels more fun, right?

However, keep in mind, making knitting crafts is not as easy as making other crafts. Knitting crafts require its own techniques and abilities for the craftsmen. This technique is used when we want to form a certain form of knitting craft. In addition to techniques and abilities, making knitting crafts also requires tenacious and consistent perseverance. Without perseverance, no matter how great people are, they will not be able to make knitting crafts.

What are the Benefits of Knitting?

For some people, knitting is done as a hobby. However, apart from being done as a hobby, knitting can also be profitable for those who have this business talent. The end result of knitting activities can be sold and get a pretty promising profit.

Another beneficial benefit is in terms of body and mind health. Based on a study on the benefits of knitting, it was concluded that knitting can also be done as a therapy to train patience, increase concentration, and self-control.

In addition, knitting activities can be carried out as an activity that can help the recovery process of chronic diseases, cancer, brain trauma, as well as children with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder or what we know as ADHD, namely behavioral disorders with impaired concentration, impulsivity (quick acting quickly). sudden), and hyperactivity.

25 Examples of Knitting Crafts that Potentially Earn Money

1. Knitting Bags

Knitted bags are ranked at the top as the most popular knitted models in the community. Knitted bags are often used for all needs, they can even be used in all of our daily activities, such as being a shopping bag and for traveling.

We will have no trouble finding knitted bags on the market and in e-commerce stores, because this knitting bag is indeed one of the most popular knitted items by the public.

2. Knitted Wallet

In addition to bags, knitted wallets are also a popular model for knitting crafts, both among young people and among parents. One of the advantages of knitting craft wallets is that they are simple but still functional. In addition, knitting wallets also have several types, such as smaller coin purses and paper money wallets. Is Grameds interested in buying or making it?

3. Knitted Shoes

The next popular knitting craft model is knitting shoes. If we pay close attention, it is rare for adults to wear these knitted shoes, but actually these shoes have their own uniqueness. Knitted shoes are shoes made entirely of knitting yarn. In adult shoes, knitwear will usually be combined with plastic soles or with other materials.

Well, it’s different with knitting shoes for babies or toddlers, where all the components for the shoes are made of knitting yarn. Although much in demand by the public, this product is a bit difficult to find. Therefore, we can make these knitted shoes for later sale and it is likely that they will be sold at high prices because not many are producing them.

4. Knitted Sweater

The next knitting craft products are sweaters, jackets, or cardigans. Although the three items have differences, they have the same function, namely as supporting clothing. Either sweaters, jackets, or cardigans will be more suitable to be worn in cold places such as in Puncak or other areas with snow season.

Even so, it does not mean that this knitted sweater is not in demand by residents in areas that tend to be hot, such as Jakarta. In fact, residents in the capital city of Jakarta are also often seen wearing knitted sweaters, especially during the rainy season. Besides being able to give a warm feeling to the body, sweaters can also be an alternative to support fashion styles.

5. Knitted Scarfs and Scarves

Like sweaters, scarves and scarves are also one of the fashion products that are suitable to be marketed in cities or countries with cold weather. However, it is not uncommon for people to look for knitted scarves and scarves to be used as fashion. Attractive and functional, right?

6. Knitting Model Doll

Knitting dolls are popular models of knitting crafts that can be an alternative for us to do business. Besides being unique and interesting, knitting dolls are rarely found in stores. Of course, it’s a bit difficult to make, but we can turn this into a field of money because of the minimal number of competitors in this business.

7. Keychain

The next most popular knitting craft model is the key chain. This key chain can also be created into various types of designs, such as teddy bears, sunflowers, or other shapes according to the tastes we want. To make it even more interesting, we can use bright colors that match the knitted character.

8. Knitting Pencil Case

In addition to wallets, pencil cases made of knitting threads are also popular with most people, especially students. Almost the same as purse knitting, this crochet pencil case also has a simple shape but still functions as it should. The main attraction of this knitting craft is that we can create more than one color of knitting yarn and combine them to produce a pencil case that is not only functional but also trendy.

9. Knitted Hat

Maybe we often see someone wearing a knitted hat. Generally, this knitted hat is used in a place with a cold climate, this is because this knitted hat can give a warm sensation when worn. Even so, we can still wear this knitted hat in Indonesia, especially in places that are not so hot and cold temperatures such as in mountainous areas.

10. Knitted Socks

Almost the same as knitting shoes, these knit socks are also the most widely used by babies and children. With bright colors and combined with decorations that are also from knitting crafts, this socks will make them even more beautiful when worn. In addition, it will make babies or children look fashionable too, these knitted socks are also effective in warming their feet.

11. Knitting Model HP holder

The next most popular knitting model is the HP place. In this day and age, HP has transformed into an object that is needed anytime and anywhere. Therefore, it is impossible for such people to not carry their cellphones with them, no matter what activities they are going to do.

The size of today’s cellphones is also much bigger than the old cellphones, so it feels very uncomfortable to put the cellphone in a shirt or pants pocket. This is one of the reasons this knitted craft cellphone is made. Generally, this knitting craft cell phone is shaped like a wallet equipped with a long strap, so it can be worn around the neck or shoulder of the wearer.

12. Knitting Brooch

Brooches are one of the complementary accessories that are often used, especially for Muslim women who wear the hijab. Apart from being an accessory that adds to the completeness of fashion, brooches are also useful as a buffer so that the hijab does not shift or fall apart.

As we all know, knitting craftsmen make a new breakthrough by making brooches from knitted materials in various shapes and one of the most popular forms is the flower-shaped brooch.

13. Crochet Pet Clothes

Not only humans can be fashionable, your pets also need to be dressed in fashion. If all this time you think that sweaters are only intended for humans, then this assumption is a big mistake.

Currently, knitting craftsmen have innovated by creating sweaters or clothes for beloved pets, be it cats or dogs. In addition to making pets cooler, this will make pets adorable.

14. Knitted pet shoes

Not only clothes, pets can also try on shoes made with knitting crafts. Wow, adorable, huh? Would Grameds buy these knitted shoes for your pet?

15. Knitted tablecloth

The next most popular knitting model is the tablecloth. Knitting a tablecloth does take a long time. Why? Of course this is because the size of the table is quite large. Even so, nowadays many tablecloths are made not only to cover the entire table surface, but only as complementary ornaments. For example, a tablecloth made elongated, thus providing an ornament or line accent on the table.

16. Knitted tissue holder

We must be familiar with this popular knitting model. One of the easiest knitted products to find is a tissue holder. For those of us who are easily bored with plastic tissue holders, knitted tissue holders are the right solution. After all, a business where knitted tissue is a business for small capital but with lucrative profits.

17. Knitted gallon holster

In addition to the tissue holder, we can also cover gallons of water with a knitting sarong. Why? Of course to beautify the appearance at home. There are not many knitting entrepreneurs who make this gallon sarong, even though the number of enthusiasts is quite a lot, you know.

18. Knitted sofa cushion cover

We must sometimes feel bored with sofa pillows that are just that. Usually, sofa cushion covers are made of ordinary fabric or printed fabric. Currently, knitted sofa cushion covers are very popular because they can provide a unique accent in the living room of our house.

19. Knitted wall decoration

Have we seen wall hangings from knitted material? Knitted wall hangings are generally made with dangling to give the impression that is not stiff. This knitted wall hanging will make the appearance of the house look more classic and have aesthetic value. We can hang this wall hanging in the living room, bedroom, or anywhere we want.

20. Knitted flower decoration

Artificial flowers or known as fake flowers are often a mainstay that serves as decorative ornaments at home. Basically, artificial flowers are made of plastic. If we want something different, we can make artificial flowers from knitted yarn. It’s a bit difficult, but we can see the tutorial for making it in various articles or videos circulating on YouTube.

21. Knitted coasters

The next most popular knitting model is coasters. The function of coasters is to prevent glass marks left on the table due to heat that penetrates from the glass. We can make coasters from knitting crafts, because knitting threads are quite thick and can withstand heat if knitted tightly and with a few gaps.

22. Knitting utensil holder

The knitted craft cutlery holder is almost the same as a pencil holder, only smaller. Knitted craft cutlery is generally used to store spoons, forks, or chopsticks that you want to take to a place such as the office, campus, or school. To make this one crochet craft cutlery, make sure we measure the height and width that match the food utensils.

23. Knitted placemats

In addition to coasters, we can also make placemats from knitted crafts. If we visit a restaurant, usually the restaurant will put a plate on a pedestal. Not only serves to beautify, placemats are also useful to keep the plate from moving easily.

24. Knitted face mask

Who says we can’t make masks with knitting crafts? Of course we can create this! Even though knitted masks have a lot of air gaps, we can still make knitted craft masks by layering on the inside of the mask.

We can also coat the inside of the mask with a soft and comfortable cloth material when used on the face. Don’t forget to choose a fabric with a color that matches the knitting yarn.

25. Basket

The last popular knitting model is the basket. The basket can usually be used to put dirty clothes before washing. In addition to functioning as a shelter for dirty clothes, a knitted craft basket with small air gaps throughout can prevent clothes from getting musty because of piled up clothes.

Recommended Books About Knitting Crafts

Here are some reading books that Grameds can read about knitting, including:

1. Knitting 3D (2017) by Novelia Umm Nayfah

This book discusses how knitting can be designed into three-dimensional works. A book that discusses various basic knitting techniques to form three dimensions and tricks so that knitting can be stiff.

2. Various Creations of Knitted Dolls (2020) by Marvelly Marta Widada

This book presents new ideas for being creative in making dolls from knitting crafts.

3. Beautiful Knitting for Beginners (2016) by Thata Pang

A book that is proof that readers can find beautiful and trendy creations of knitting crafts.

After knowing that there are so many knitting products that bring various benefits, will Grameds immediately try to knit? If you are interested in knowing more about knitting, you can read related books available at gramedia.com. As #Friends Without Limits,

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