6 Causes of Mental Disorders Experienced by Millennials and Gen Z

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Non-genetic (psychosocial) factors such as loss of loved objects, loss of self-esteem, cognitive distortions and learned helplessness (depressive family parenting) are external factors for depression. Apart from these factors, a discussion of internal factors and other psychosocial factors is provided below.

1. The average hormonal imbalance experienced by women

The first depression factor is influenced by gender, depression rates in women are higher than men, this condition often occurs when a woman experiences premenstrual, postpartum and postmenopausal depression. Before menstruation, 90% of women experience PMS (premenstrual syndrome) which occurs due to changes in levels of sex hormones and serotonin at the beginning of the menstrual cycle. Estrogen and progesterone levels in a woman’s body will increase during certain times of the month. Well, this increase in hormones can cause mood swings, anxiety, and irritability.

30 percent of women experience extreme mood swings. This happens due to low estrogen and serotonin, so that it can trigger depression in some women before they have menstruation. In severe premenstrual syndrome, of course, it can interfere with daily activities such as going to work or school.

2. The millennial and gen Z generations who are in their productive age are more prone to experiencing depression

Millennials experience depression on average due to pressure in the academic field, bullying, family factors, and economic problems. Which situation is felt to be very pressing so that a person cannot adapt and survive.

Life events such as frequent fights at work or in the household, financial difficulties, and threats to safety (living in dangerous or conflict areas) can also trigger depression. Both in the school environment and the work environment, the above factors often occur. The fatal thing is that many people with depression attempt suicide and end their lives because of this mental health problem.

Like the recent case of bullying in the school environment, it will definitely cause trauma for the victim and other classmates. This will definitely interfere with the teaching and learning process because children experience depression, anxiety and are afraid to interact with other friends. On the other hand, there are many cases of students committing suicide due to mental pressure, as happened to UGM students who committed suicide some time ago.

3. Relationship problems, whether they are still dating, married, or individuals who are already divorced, are another factor for depression

In some cases, infidelity becomes a depressing factor for some victims of their partner’s infidelity. Apart from feeling hurt, traumatized, and disappointed, there must be many things that disturb the mind of a victim of infidelity. Especially for those who are already married and even have children.

Divorce is a tough decision for those who already have children and of course triggers depression for some people. Not a few depressed parents who bring their children to commit suicide because they feel their family has been destroyed. This worrying thing is what happens a lot in Indonesia.

Like the case of a teenage suicide that occurred in the Cikarang area, it is suspected that the teenager’s death was because his parents were divorced and he lived with his grandmother. Judging from this case, the child must be depressed because of his parents’ problems.

4. Modern life in urban areas is fast paced, requiring everyone to be able to go with the flow

Urban people living in big cities have a high risk of developing depression. Why? Big city environment provides higher life pressure than rural or small town environment. Busy urban life means that many people have to leave the house early in the morning and return late at night.

Not to mention the large amount of work to be done that makes time seem short and you have to be extra patient when dealing with traffic jams in big cities. Competition and a lifestyle that is quite high makes everyone in urban areas vying to make ends meet by following the existing trends. All of these things are of course closely related to the family and personal economy that is owned, this way of getting finances makes everyone feel depressed and dissatisfied with the results obtained.

Like the case that happened to a 24-year-old woman who committed suicide by jumping from the parking lot on the 3rd floor of Tunjungan Plaza. Based on the results of the police investigation, the Surabaya resident was desperate to end his life because of the stress of being terrorized by a loan shark.

5. Heredity can be a factor in depression that is passed on to other family members

Family background that has a history of depression, suicide and alcoholics can be a factor for depression that is not detected. Experts say that about 40 percent of people with depression also have a depressed family, while 60 percent experience depression due to environmental and other factors.

This means that genetic factors also play a role in a person experiencing depression. In a study, it was stated that children are at 3 times higher risk of experiencing depression than their parents who experience depression. Moreover, if they don’t want to open up and are difficult to approach, this will trigger stress for other family members who care for them.

6. The inability to overcome negative self-personality, and past trauma are the most difficult factors for depression to overcome

Individuals with closed personalities, easily anxious, hypersensitive, and too dependent on others are more prone to depression. Especially if they have experienced trauma in the past, the brain must be filled with negative thoughts and they are overthinking about the things they will do.

All of this will hinder survival, because they are fixated on the depression they are experiencing. What’s more, if that person has fallen into the use of illegal drugs and becomes an alcoholic, the level of depression will appear more frequently and be obvious.

Coping with stress with alcohol actually exacerbates symptoms of depression and anxiety. According to Denise Graham, a counselor at the Cleveland Clinic Alcohol and Drug Recovery Center, consuming alcohol actually makes us often reflect on negative things or scary thoughts that can increase our emotions. In addition, consuming alcohol can cause prolonged stress or depression.

So, to avoid depression, we need to get used to being more open and spending more time meeting new people.

Depression is not a trivial matter. If you feel a tendency to commit suicide, or see friends or relatives showing these tendencies, it is highly recommended to contact and discuss with related parties, such as psychologists, psychiatrists, or mental health clinics.

Currently, there is no special hotline or telephone line for suicide prevention in Indonesia. The Indonesian Ministry of Health once launched a suicide prevention hotline in 2010. However, the hotline was closed in 2014 due to the low number of callers from year to year, as well as the lack of callers who actually had mental health consultations.

Even so, the Ministry of Health advises residents who need help with psychiatric problems to directly contact a mental health professional at the nearest health center or hospital.

The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia has also alerted five referral mental hospitals which have been equipped with mental health counseling telephone services:

RSJ Amino Gondohutomo Semarang | (024) 6722565

RSJ Marzoeki Mahdi Bogor | (0251) 8324024, 8324025

RSJ Soeharto Heerdjan Jakarta | (021) 5682841

RSJ Prof. Dr. Soerojo Magelang | (0293) 363601

RSJ Radjiman Wediodiningrat Malang | (0341) 423444

In addition, there are also several communities in Indonesia that independently provide peer counseling services and online support groups that can be an alternative for suicide prevention assistance and obtain community networks that can help with certain psychiatric disorders.

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